I. What is LiveOptimal?

Live Optimal is an exclusive seminar series for Danamon Optimal customers. Brought to you with various interesting topics about millennials lifestyle that's suitable and relevant, discussed with experienced speakers in their fields, so you can #OptimalkanHidupmu even more.

II. Criteria of Participant

Customers who are entitled to participate in Live Optimal are as follows:

  1. Customers who have participated in the Danamon Optimal 2020 Program and have met the requirements of the Danamon Optimal 2020 Program, namely:  (i) Open a Danamon Lebih and Cita2ku account through a Bank Danamon branch or Open a D-Save and D-Save Plus account through the D-Bank Registration application / D-Bank;  (ii) Initial Deposit Funds in the Danamon Over or D-Save account have been successfully made according to the Plan selected in the Danamon Optimal 2020 Program; and (iii) Debiting for the first month's deposit to the Cita2ku or D-Save Plus account has been successful.
  2. Customers who have an email address registered with Bank Danamon and are willing to receive personal communications regarding product / service offerings from Bank Danamon.

(Customers who have met the criteria as written above are referred as "Eligible Customers")

III. How to Join LiveOptimal Seminar?

  1. Customers can get information about the seminar schedule (date and time), seminar topics and speakers / guest speakers through the LiveOptimal website at www.liveoptimal.id
  2. Only Eligible Customers can join the seminar by making a reservation through the LiveOptimal website by clicking the "Reservation" button at the seminar that has been selected by the Eligible Customer and logging in using User ID and Password.
  3. The User ID and Password will be sent by Bank Danamon through the registered email address no later than 10 (ten) working days after the Customer meets the criteria and becomes an Eligible Customer.
  4. Reservations for each LiveOptimal seminar can only be made for the first 250 Eligible Customers. If the reservation quota is full, the reservation for the seminar will be closed accordingly.
  5. If the Eligible Customer has made a reservation, the Eligible Customer will receive a unique link no later than 1 (one) calendar day before the seminar date via registered email address. Unique links are used to enter the seminars that are held live and online within the specified seminar date and time.
  6. Unique links can be opened with the customer's internet browser on a personal computer / laptop / tablet / smartphone such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  7. User ID, Password and Unique link to enter the seminar is private, confidential and cannot be used by more than 1 (one) person and 1 (one) electronic device at the same time. Therefore, the use of a User ID, Password and Unique link is the Customer's authority and if it is given to or used by someone other than the Customer, the Customer will no longer be able to join the LiveOptimal seminar, it is not the responsibility of Bank Danamon.
  8. Eligible customers can access and watch the previous seminar session recorded video by logging on to the Live Optimal website.
  9. There are no fees charged to the Customer for participating in Live Optimal.

IV. Customer Care

  1. Customers can submit complaints regarding their dissatisfaction with LiveOptimal services via Hello Danamon: 1-500-090 or e-mail: hellodanamon@danamon.co.id
  2. Procedures regarding Customer Complaint services can be accessed through the website https://www.danamon.co.id/id/Personal/Other/Proses-P Handan-Dan-Keluhan-Nasabah
  3. Customers can request resubmission of their User ID and Password by filling out the electronic form for resend submission through the website https://bdi.co.id/lupapassword

V. Others

  1. Other provisions related to Danamon Optimal and other products and / or services, as long as they are not regulated differently in these General Terms and Conditions are declared to remain valid and binding the Customer and become an inseparable unit.
  2. These General Terms and Conditions are an integral and inseparable part of the "Danamon Optimal Program General Terms and Conditions".
  3. The Customer hereby agrees and acknowledges that Bank Danamon has the right to correct / change / complete these General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Changes"). For this purpose, Bank Danamon will notify the Customer through Bank Danamon's branch offices and / or through other communication media according to the most recent data recorded at Bank Danamon.
  4. Bank Danamon has the right to cancel the Customer's participation in any or all of the Live Optimal seminars if the Customer does not meet the General Terms and Conditions or if another violation is found by the Customer.
  5. If any irregularities are found related to Live Optimal or if fraud is felt, the Customer is advised to immediately inform Hello Danamon.
  6. Live Optimal is only used to provide information and share experiences related to seminar titles, topics and speakers. Not used to discuss personal matters such as a customer portfolio. Customers can discuss customer portfolios through Bank Danamon branches.
  7. The views and opinions shared by the Seminar Speaker during the seminar are the views and opinions of third parties.
  8. Customers are prohibited from recording, reproducing and disseminating impressions or material of ongoing seminars live either partially or completely through any media. Unless the broadcast or material has been partially or completely broadcasted by Bank Danamon through Bank Danamon's official social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Podcast), the Customer can use or disseminate the shows or material from Bank Danamon's social media.
  9. These General Terms and Conditions have been adjusted to the provisions of laws and regulations, including the regulations of the Financial Services Authority.
  10. Bank Danamon has applied agreement and general necessity which refers to Otoritas Jasa Keuangan/OJK about “the Consumer Coverage of Funding in the Service Sector”.

How To Join LiveOptimal Seminar

I. How To Register LiveOptimal Seminar

  1. Visit the Optimal Live microsite.
  2. Click "Reserve Now" at the Seminar that you choose.
  3. If you are a Danamon Optimal customer, then proceed to the next step. If you are not a Danamon Optimal customer, you should register to join  a Danamon Optimal customer.
  4. Enter the User ID & password that was sent to your email by Bank Danamonl.
  5. Click "reservation"
  6. We will send an email one hour before the seminar complete with a link to access to webinar room.

II. Full Booked Seminar

You can still watch the previous Live Optimal Seminar sessions by doing the following steps:

  1. Click Next Seminar Schedule on the head menu.
  2. Select the previous seminar that you want to watch, click "Show Video"
  3. Enter the User ID & password that was sent to your email.
  4. You can watch offline videos from the seminars that you missed. Or you can make a reservation for another Seminar that already opened for reservation.

III. Forgot Password

  1. Click “Log in” on the head menu.
  2. Click "Already a Danamon Optimal Customer"
  3. Click "Forgot Password" in the light box.
  4. Fill in the electronic form as one of a verification step process for Danamon Optimal customers.
  5. You will receive a new Username & Password within a maximum of 4x24 hours.